Just jQuery: The Core UI and Events, Async & AJAX

A complete coverage of jQuery in two volumes. You don't have to read both just select the one that covers the aspect of jQuery you are interested in.

About the Author 

Ian Elliot is a freelance consultant used to meeting challenges in a range of arenas and using all the tools and skills a programmer has in their armoury. A core member of the I Programmer team, he writes on C# and JavaScript as well as all other aspects of web development. 

Just jQuery: Core UI 

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  • ISBN: 978-1871962505

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  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: I/O Press; 1 edition (February 27, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1871962501
  • ISBN-13: 978-1871962505

jQuery is a library of functions for JavaScript that provides easy and sophisticated access to the HTML in a web page. Originally intended to smooth over the differences in the way browsers interact with JavaScript, it has developed into a much more powerful tool that fully lives up to its motto of "write less, do more". As a result jQuery is compact and can seem cryptic until you get used its common idioms.

Written for JavaScript developers working with web page layout, Just jQuery: The Core UI enables you to use jQuery easily and efficiently. It also cuts through its seeming complexity, by presenting enough explanation at every stage for you to understand what is happening. After outlining what jQuery is, how to obtain it and why you should use it, early chapters deal with the essential jQuery - its selectors, filters and DOM traversal functions. Next we look at how to modify existing HTML elements and how to create completely new elements. Next we look at more advanced aspects of the UI - storing data and working with forms. jQuery also provides simple animation functions and to understand these we look at function queues and asychronous animation. Adding custom elements, both to the jQuery UI and to jQuery itself, is the next major topic. The book closes with an explanation of how jQuery's unit testing package, QUnit, lets you write tests to make sure that your JavaScript code works and continues to work.


The Core UI:

  1. Understanding jQuery
  2. The DOM And Selectors
  3. CSS Selectors
  4. The jQuery Object
  5. Filters
  6. Advanced Filters - Traversing The DOM
  7. Modifying DOM Objects
  8. Creating And Modifying The DOM
  9. jQuery Data
  10. Forms
  11. Function Queues
  12. Animation
  13. jQuery UI
  14. jQuery UI Custom Control - Widget Factory
  15. jQuery - Easy Plugins
  16. Getting Started With QUnit Testing


Just jQuery: Events, Async & AJAX

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ISBN: 978-1871962529



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  • Paperback: 214 pages
  • Publisher: I/O Press; 1 edition (June 20, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1871962528
  • ISBN-13: 978-1871962529


jQuery is the closest thing JavaScript has to a standard library, yet many programmers never venture beyond its most obvious facilities. As well as having easy to use and very powerful DOM manipulation features, described in the companion book Just jQuery: The Core UI, it also offers an improved JavaScript event system, help with writing asynchronous code in the form of Promises, and easy to use and powerful AJAX functions.

Written for JavaScript developers working with advanced web pages Just jQuery: Events, Async & AJAX covers the parts of jQuery not associated with the DOM. Specifically it is about how to make use of jQuery’s event functions, Deferred and Promise functions and its AJAX functions. While not every programmer will need these advanced features in the early stages of using JavaScript, they are unavoidable aspects of modern web programming and sooner or later you will find a need to master them all.

This book is about ideas. It does show you how to use jQuery, but mainly by explaining how jQuery approaches the task. Once you understand this there is little need to go over complicated examples where the problem is seeing the big ideas because the small detail is overwhelming. This is not a book of projects or case studies, it is about understanding jQuery.



  1. Events, Async & AJAX
  2. Events, Async & Ajax
  3. Reinventing Events
  4. Working With Events
  5. Asynchronous Code
  6. Consuming Promises
  7. Using Promises
  8. WebWorkers
  9. Ajax the Basics - get
  10. Ajax the Basics -  post
  11. Ajax - Advanced Ajax To The Server
  12. Ajax - Advanced Ajax To The Client
  13. Ajax - Advanced Ajax Transports And JSONP
  14. Ajax - Advanced Ajax The jsXHR Object
  15. Ajax - Advanced Ajax Character Coding And Encoding