Raspberry Pi Pico

All you need to get started on your own projects are a few low-cost Picos plus some prototyping boards and jumper wires. You also find a logic analyzer handy and to build the projects outlined in the book some specific sensors, servos and motors.  Luckily all of these  items are readily available from Amazon.com and if you make a purchase via these links you won't pay any extra and we'll get a few cents.
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Seeed Studio:

Single board 

Pack of 3


Vilros Basic Starter Kit

includes Raspberry Pi Pico Board, USB Cable to connect to Computer,3 AA Battery Holder to Power the Pico on the go, Pin header Set For RP Pico (Requires Soldering),Neoprene Parts Storage Case With Pocket,

Pico Cases

Raspberry Pi Pico snap-together case with slot for 6-wire ribbon cable:

Raspberry Pi Pico Lego Case

PicoProbe Cases

Raspberry Pi Pico - PicoProbe case

Raspberry Pi Pico Picoprobe housing



Tools, Sensors, etc