Useful Tools and Components Used In Projects


Buy The Pi You Need 

See the section Which Pi?  in Chapter 1 if you need help choosing from the wide range of Raspberry Pi products.

Luckily all of these recommended items are readily available from Amazon and if you make a purchase via these links you won't pay any extra and we'll get a few cents. For, just click on the product pictures. Many of the products are available in other Amazon region and obtain local details click on the country names listed below the product pictures. Some alternative products are available from and they are listed on  UK Raspberry Pi Resources.

Raspberry Pi Zero WH

includes soldered header

Canada -


Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic Starter Kit

includes power supply & premium black case

Canada -

Germany -


Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

1GB, 2GB and 4 GB options

UK 4GB -

Canada 4GB -

Germany 4GB -

France 4GB -

Spain 4GB -


Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB

Canada -



CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Pro Kit

Includes 32GB Samsung EVO+ Micro SD Card pre-loaded with NOOBS, USB MicroSD Card Reader, CanaKit Premium High-Gloss Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Integrated Fan Mount



Canada -

Raspberry Pi 400 UK Version 


Raspberry Pi 3B+ 1GB

UK -

Canada -

Germany -

France -

Spain -